Frequently Asked Questions


Q   When and how do I register?

A   Simply click on the register button in the top right hand corner.  The system will help you create an account and you are off and running. 

Q   How much is it?

A   It depends on the program and age of your son/daughter but we range from $85 to $180 depending on the program.

Q  Do you offer refunds?

A  We offer full refunds up draft days, once the draft has happened there is an option for a 50% refund.  Once the season starts there are no refunds.

Q   My child is 10 where does he play?


For Boys, 

  • Ages 3-4     T Ball
  • Ages 5-6     Coach Pitch
  • Age 7          Prep
  • Age 8          Prep, also available to be drafted into the Minors program
  • Age 9          Minors
  • Ages 10-11 Minors or Majors depending on where they are drafted
  • Age 12        Majors
  • Age 13        50/70
  • Age 14        Juniors
  • Age 15-16   Seniors


For Girls,

  • Ages 6-8      Prep
  • Ages 9-10    Minors
  • Ages 11-12  Majors
  • Ages 13-14  Juniors


Q  I would like to pay by check how do I do that?

A  We only accept credit/debit cards.


Q  Can we pick our coach or have our child play with a friend?

A  In our T Ball and Coach Pitch leagues you can select your team and whom you play with.  Once you advance to the Prep division and up we no longer honor those. 


Q  Where are the fields that we play on?

A  Coach pitch/ Tball are at the Chapel.  Prep boys play behind Aldersgate Church on Getz Road.  Minors and Majors boys play at Summit Middle School.  Boys 13 and up play behind Aldersgate Church on Getz Road.  All softball games are held at Homestead High School, Aboite Slow Pitch Fields and The Chapel.


Q  How many games and practices per week?

A  This depends on the league and the coach.  Typically as your child ages the amount of practices and games increase.  For ages 3-6 there typically is one game/practice all wrapped up into one.  After that you are looking at 2-5 events per week with the older boys/girls having the most games and practices.


Q  My question wasn't answered who can I contact?

A  Send any questions to our email and we will respond as quickly as possible.  [email protected]



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