Prep Information

  • Players will be drafted to a team using the blind draw method.   Each team may start with a Manager and 1 Asst. Coach and their respective children.  This means each team with a Manager & Asst. Coach could start with 2 players, with the remaining roster filled by the blind draw method.
  • Though at every level baseball is developmental, when entering the Prep Division the level of play now becomes a little more “Competitive”. Prep players could be selected to All-Stars.
  • Prep will compete with 11 Players on the field & everyone bats. Every player is required to play at least 12 outs (unless a game is called due to the 15 run rule).
  • Coaches will contact Parents/Players around the 3rd week of March..
  • Practices MAY begin after parents are notified if Coaches, Players, Fields, and Weather Permits.
  •  Most teams will practice & play games 3 to 4 times a week based on scheduling.
  •  Games will be played at Ayres 1 (behind Aldersgate Church on Getz Rd).
  • You will receive a Sponsor Uniform Hat, Shirt, Socks.
  • WHITE Pants are the ONLY acceptable Uniform Pants!
  • Prep League Games start around the 3rd week of April. Game times are tentatively scheduled for 10am, Noon, 2 pm on Saturdays and 5:15pm & 6:15 pm M-F.
  • Regular Season Ends around the first week of June.  Regular Season Tournament starts directly after the end of the regular season.
  • Closing Ceremonies will follow the regular season tournament.
  • All-Stars dates are typically the last two weeks of June and are typically completed before the 4th of July.
  •  *If a player misses evaluations they could be ineligible for All Stars*
  •  *If a player is drafted into one division and refuses play in that division, they are ineligible for All Stars*

ALL DATES & TIMES are approximate and are subject to change!!!!!!

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